Copy of Instagram Post Template (10 Sets
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It's time for us to cut the toxic sh*t and start making healthier decisions.
Start purging old habits and evolving with this masterclass. 
Copy of Instagram Post Template (10 Sets

Hey sis!  Let's sit and have a heart to heart.  Shall we?

Think about the time you went looking for the perfect foundation and all you did was 

get super shiny and breakout...what did you end up doing with the product?

You probably stopped using it or took it back for a refund. 

Or when you open the fridge and realize that something has gone waaay past its expiration date

...what do you do?

In the trash it goes. 

But, why is it so hard for you to do the same with people in your life that seem to do more harm than 

good, or have been around well past their expiration date?


The process becomes a little more complicated for us when this negativity in our life happens to be someone we care about, or even worse, someone we love.

When it comes to the people we have ties and attachments to, it becomes harder to break away even when the red flags are waving high.  We usually tend to ignore, belittle or forgive until something else comes up and the cycle repeats itself.

When emerging yourself in unhealthy relationships, you can lose sight of what quality care is; especially what a healthy relationship looks like. You can start to normalize unhealthy behaviors and think that because this person "loves" you, that you are obligated to accept the dynamics of the relationship and just roll with it.

Well, I'm here to tell you today that we will not  keep that trend going in 2021.

In the words of the beloved Nina Simone, it's a new's a new day.

Grab your tea cup and get ready for this renewing RELATIONSHIP DETOX.


I am KJ, empowerment coach and self-love ambassador, and I'm so ready to help you clear out all 

of those toxic things and people that aren't serving you.  

And my excitement comes from my belief in your ability to come out of this a new woman. 

I can say this because I've been there.  

I’d be lying if I said I was the person who could easily nix unhealthy relationships. I have always been a very forgiving and empathetic person, always wanting to see the good in people. I was a fighter and wanted to salvage every relationship that I THOUGHT was important or that I felt I needed in my life.


If this is you, you're definitely in the right place. 

During this masterclass, we're going to take a look into why that is.

We can be very quick to turn a blind eye to things that we know bother us because we want the presence of another person more than we care about our own personal standards of care and safety.

Yes. I said it. 

You've got to know the difference between action and inaction as well as understanding

the role you play in all of this. 

Take a look at what's in this masterclass: 


identifying healthy & toxic relationships

detoxing from toxic relationships


relationship detox

30 day journal


private facebook community providing

accountability & support


Taught & led by self-love ambassador, master coach and creator of SHE|Seeing.Herself.Evolving,  KJ Richards. You will also receive the Relationship Detox 30-Day Journal within this masterclass to continue getting rid of the toxic stuff in your life.




relationship detox 3o day journal only: