Can a narcissist truly change their ways?

How do you deal with infidelity on an industrial scale?

For KJ, what begins as the merest whiff of suspicion eventually grows into a doubt about her fiancé, Andrew, that simply won't leave her. One night, she makes the decision to check his phone and discovers the shocking truth and his ghastly secrets.

Reeling from the blow and confronting him, she is left devastated by his admissions and resolves to end the relationship. But covert narcissist are among the most cunning of creations and before long, with promises of change and improvement, he is back in her life and they are married.

Before the marriage is a year old, the signs reemerge. Secret text messages, hotel encounters and a list of sexual escapades that grow beyond anything that could be seen as normal, all serve to point that nothing truly has changed. The horror of this story lies in its secrets. It seems as though Andrew hid behind the facade of a wholesome, spiritual family man, but led a life all his own outside of his marriage. After eleven months, KJ and Andrew separate and the wounds created by ghosts of past infidelities are overshadowed by the strife that is now thrusted upon KJ, leaving her feeling betrayed, confused, angry and hopeless.

From gaslighting and love bombing, sex addiction and projection, can KJ save herself from the effects and restore her happiness amongst all the madness? Go with KJ on her unexpected journey through a roller coaster of emotions as she deals with failed hopes of romance and a happy marriage, sex addiction and a toxic relationship. We all have a story we will never tell, but KJ tells hers in a beautifully narrated tale full of emotion, pain and hope.

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Girl, Affirm That S#%t!


Simply Moving!

KJ did her thing with this book and it’s amazing how strong women are. This story focuses on seeking God in all that you do and relying on your faith. Such a good read and relatable in many aspects.

Secrets, Lies & Narcissists

This is a textbook case of what victims of narcissistic abuse experience. They believe their cheating is justified and you're the villain for noticing their flaws. This was a quick but good read.

Wow, Just Wow!

Wow this book is super powerful and make me cry!!! I love this book sooooo much . You need to read it.