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Go with KJ on her unexpected journey through a roller coaster of emotions as she deals with failed hopes of romance and a happy marriage, sex addiction and a toxic relationship.

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It can all seem overwhelming; your doubts in relationships, career, motherhood and life can hop in the driver's seat...but

when you decide to put you first, you've got to learn to be okay with people, habits and things falling by the wayside. You have to be okay with embracing what's next.

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It's time to get real with yourself and start tossing all things that have passed their expiration date in your life.  This workbook is a bonus to the Relationship Detox Masterclass.



You are what you manifest...and in the new year, we’re setting intentions and shifting our energy to what we can create.

Girl, Affirm That S#%t!

Amazing book! Definitely a good read! Can’t visit to see if this author will come out with any other reads.

When you dont know what to do or where to go, look within. Cling to what brings you peace and trust that no matter how bad it may seem, it is but a season.

KJ did her thing with this book and it’s amazing how strong women are. This story focuses on seeking God in all that you do and relying on your faith. Such a good read and relatable in many aspects.

Wow this book is super powerful and make me cry!!! I love this book sooooo much . You need to read it!