Go with KJ on her unexpected journey through a roller coaster of emotions as she deals with failed hopes of romance and a happy marriage, sex addiction and a toxic relationship.

Girl, Affirm That S#%t!

You are what you manifest...and in 2020, we’re setting intentions and shifting our energy to what we can create.

Girl, Affirm That S#%t!


You started with KJ on her journey to healing and now you can witness her growth. Uncover tools, tips, stories and more to help you on your own personal journey.


Simply Moving!

KJ did her thing with this book and it’s amazing how strong women are. This story focuses on seeking God in all that you do and relying on your faith. Such a good read and relatable in many aspects.

Secrets, Lies & Narcissists

This is a textbook case of what victims of narcissistic abuse experience. They believe their cheating is justified and you're the villain for noticing their flaws. This was a quick but good read.

Wow, Just Wow!

Wow this book is super powerful and make me cry!!! I love this book sooooo much . You need to read it.