About KJ

KJ Richards is a certified Empowerment Coach located in South Florida. Her main objective is to help women rediscover themselves and love again after toxic relationships.

Although a large part of KJ's work is helping women receive and step (back) into their feminine energy and power, KJ had to do it for herself first. When she left her hometown in 2009 and moved to South Florida, many of her trials and triumphs took place, leading to her first book. Her first book is her personal memoir, S(EX), which uncovers her journey within her own toxic relationship. After dealing with feeling ashamed, abandoned, unloved and lost, something clicked for KJ. She started to prioritize her health and wellness, while learning to love her body again. Her mindset began to shift too. Through setting boundaries and reprogramming her subconscious thoughts and beliefs around men and dating, she reclaimed her self-worth and she learned to trust her intuition and power.

Through enduring and overcoming her tumultuous journey, KJ leans on her own experiences to truly help others on their path to healing. She has several online courses, worksheets, private sessions, events and a private online Facebook community to help women break free from toxic relationships and step into their full self-worth.

Richards has also partnered with BetterHelp to provide a platform for those seeking professional help. Please click the link below to find out more or to start sessions today.

For more information on the author, support group and upcoming events and book signings, click here.

For media, press, and publicity inquiries, speaking engagements and literary agent requests:

Email: info@kjrichardsonline.com


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